What Is Data Mining?

Data mining is the act of examining large sets of pre-existing data to find trends and other useful information. Specifically, we specialise in doing this on a range of scales. We can use dedicated crawlers to scour the internet at a speed and rate a human simply cannot, giving you a more in-depth overview. Furthermore, our specific mining process is highly advanced, able to scrape websites running on HTML5 or AJAX/Javascripts. Furthermore, out data mining service includes:

  • Captcha bypass features, to ensure greater access to data across the internet
  • Anti bot handling capabilities
  • Intelligent scraping, which logically ensures data is relevant

From this, we can then deliver the data in any format you require, making it easier for you to process and analyse as you see fit. Because our bots are tailored to find relevant data, the end result already has the excess ‘chaff’ removed.

What Are The Benefits Of Data Mining?

Our data mining is a fully managed service, so you only need to tell us what data you need. This way, you can entrust us to look after the technical aspects, such as coding, cleaning up data and assuring accurate, reliable information. Thanks to our technology, we also offer data on scale that is difficult, if not outright impossible, to achieve in-house through manual means. This can great support any project, letting you gain a better understanding of the market or a history of trending features. Whatever you need, data mining ensures you get an accurate level of insight.

Who Uses Data Mining?

Our data mining services can be used by virtually any business or industry. When you need to make an informed decision, data mining serves to give you a broad overview of the entire field. Online retailers can use mining to look at competitive products, specifications, reviews and even prices, to establish the existing state of the market. This can also be applied to hotels, flights and even online websites, such as job boards and news services. Want to know what features are in demand and what the going price is? Data mining can find this for you.


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Affordable Data Mining!

The following are the Data Mining Services we offer:

Web Data Mining

We mine data from around the web based specifically on what your requirements are as small or big business. Our advanced data mining tools not only prove cost effective but also efficient in delivering quality web data for analysis.

Social Media Data Mining

Social media is a an ever growing trend and we at Data Mining Services, help collect data from social media platforms, which is valuable information to your business and helps in the decision making process too.

SQL Data Mining

Our advanced tools we can mine unlimited amount of data currently available on the web. The SQL data mining services are capable of creating great databases of information for modelling. This service is ideal for large corporate clients that want repeated data mining services.

Image Data Mining

Data Mining is not only limited to words, it is possible to undertake data mining services to retrieve images from datasets from the web. This is then used as a base of analysis and research.

Excel Data Mining

Our team can create any database within the excel format, be it applying a variety of models and formulas too. From our experience, we learn that many financial and business planning institutions rely on such type of data.

Word Data Mining

This deals with extracting small or large volume of content/text within Microsoft Word or any other printed documents. Such a service is ideal for medical, scientific practices as well as legal and financial institutions too.

PDF Data Mining

 We use our advanced data mining systems to extract information from PDFs that will help businesses in finding the information they need.

Open Source Data Mining

This is ideal for clients that want to implement an open source software to suit and adapt to their specific requirements that they may have.

Image Data Mining

This is great for companies that are looking to extract images from large databases. Industries such as medical, criminal as well as Geo-sciences find this service perfectly suited to their requirements.

What we offer in our Data Mining Service

Consultation and Direction – We offer consultation services to businesses that don’t understand how their company can get a competitive advantage through Data Mining Services. We will research and draw a plan providing direction that your business should take when it comes to data mining.

Feasibility and Execution – If you have a clear idea of what you want from our Data Mining services, we will assess and create a process towards executing it. We will advise on the cost for implementing the data mining campaign. You will have a clear perspective on the cost and the return on investment at this stage.

Data Mining Service – We offer a full comprehensive data mining service, be it Contact Data Mining or Data Extraction, we will convert data for you into meaningful information. We undertake social media Data Mining campaigns as well as contact information extraction from sites like LinkedIn. We follow the standard Data Mining practices such as classification, pattern recognition etc. Our aim is to solve complex business problems for your clients.

Implementation Stage – Once our experts have completed the Data Mining analysis they will be presented to you in form of a report. Most of our clients opt for repeated Data Mining as the return of investment and the potential value gained is priceless. We can create custom Data Mining processes for your company so that everything is integrated into your system.

Learn more about the Benefits of Data Mining

Data Mining does more!

You can further use mining to review your current social presence or status, mining threads, social media platforms and other websites. This is great for marketing, or any business looking to analyse its existing brand strength. Whatever you need it for, data mining is one of the best ways to get a large amount of data in an easy to read format. Because most of the work in research involves gathering the content, we actively take the most difficult step out of the process for you!.

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Our experts are able to extract data from any website on the web. We can present this data to you in any format you prefer for analysis.

If you are looking for a data mining service which is not listed here, our experts can create a specialised tool to meet your requirements. Get in touch with our team to discuss your unique requirements.

Outsource Your Data Mining?

Data Mining Services are becoming increasingly popular and being extensively used across many industries to make better business decisions based on the data output. By outsourcing your Data mining services to our company, you can save time and focus on the core business operations of your business thus improving overall productivity.

We can help your organisation extract valuable data from within your business as we have the technical know-how and experience analysts that can manage complex data mining campaigns of any size and from any industry too. Outsourcing your data mining work to us will save you time and prove a cost-efficient initiative. In addition outsourcing helps businesses in managing data effectively.

Why Choose to Outsource Data Mining Services to us?

We have served over 4000+ clients all over the globe and have an exceptional team of Data Mining experts with proven track record in delivering high quality, and uncompromising results. We are a result orientated company and will do our utmost best to meet our client’s business objectives. Having us as your data mining partner, you will gain the following:

  • Cost-effective services, that reduce operational costs by atleast 70%
  • Free trial period to test our services and see our quality benchmark
  • Totally risk-free outsourcing, backed-up by discreet security policies and standard practices
  • Multiple delivery formats for Data mining reports, including PDF, Excel, PowerPoint presentation, XML, etc.
  • Short turnaround time without any loss in quality of work.

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